What are Cut Tests?

Cut Tests measure the pounds of retail cuts, fat, bone, and shrink resulting from cutting whole meat, poultry, and fish products into consumer cuts. The yield percent values are the pounds of cut, fat, bone, and shrink as a percent-of-the whole pounds. Retail values can be applied to yield percentages so bottom-line gross margins can be calculated, and the profitability of whole products can be quantified.

An extensive cut test program will designate cut tests for each supplier’s whole items, so yield and cost evaluations can be made by supplier. A properly managed cut test program requires ongoing updates to pounds, so percentages are current that provide accurate benchmarks.

The key advantage of maintaining a cut test program is to have benchmarks so management can evaluate suppliers, cost, labor, and overall profitability. Cut tests provide the financial information needed to manage random-weight meat, poultry, and fish cuts.

Cut Test Management Today

Cut tests have been used for decades by marketing executives. For years the suitable application for a cut test has been a spreadsheet.

Spreadsheets are confined to the technical capabilities of their software and hardware screen. They require extensive data maintenance, formula validation, file management, and have limited task repetition capabilities.

Additionally, spreadsheets have limited programming, storage, and data check capabilities. They typically cannot be accessed everywhere you may need to see or enter data.

Why QC Cut Test was Developed

QC Cut Test was developed to give marketers the cutting-edge technology needed to effectively manage random-weight cuts.

Today’s marketers encounter labor, supply, economic, and marketplace challenges that can adversely impact sales and profits. A lack of accurate information and the inability to quantify true costs and profitability of consumer cuts can be an enormous challenge.

QC Cut provides a robust system that is accessible on any device and far exceeds the capabilities of any cut test available today.

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