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  • What is a Cut Test?

    Developed to give meat businesses the technology needed to effectively manage the economic and marketplace challenges they are faced with today.

    • A cut test measures the pounds of retail cuts, fat, bone, and shrink resulting from processing wholesale meat products.
    • Yield percent values are pounds of cut, fat, bone and shrink as a percent of the wholesale meat pounds
    • Retail values can be applied to yield percentages so bottom-line gross margins can be calculated and the profitability of wholesale meat products can be quantified

  • Cutting Tests Improved

    Advanced web applications for data standards maintenance and item level profitability.

    • Spreadsheets are a common cutting test format, but they require extensive data maintenance, formula validation, file management, and have limited task repetition capabilities.
    • Retail meat market operators encounter labor, supply, competition, and consumer issues that adversely impact sales and profits.
    • A lack of accurate, timely information and the inability to quantify true costs and profitability of meat cuts can be an enormous challenge.

  • Elegant and Powerful Features

    Access easy-to-use web applications that are available 24/7 at your fingertips.

    • Gross and net profit information
    • Cut-level yield information
    • Cut-level cost and net profit
    • Burdened, cut-level cost and net profit
    • Value-added recipe integration
    • Scale data downloads
    • Reporting