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What does QC Cut Test™ mean? Quality is the expectation of today’s meat consumer and Quality Control of fresh meat products can be a challenge for today’s retail meat marketers. QC Cut Test™ provides a systematic way to control the financial bottom-line of random-weight meat subcategory and retail items.

Gain True Control of Your:

  • Cost
  • Retail
  • Margin
  • Markup
  • Forecasting
  • Profit
  • Planning
  • Shrink
  • Labor

Pricing Plans

With three tiered pricing plans starting at just $55* per month there's flexible pricing packages available for any size meat market and any interested meat marketer

*Pricing for Classic Access plan starts at $650 billed annually after 30-day FREE trial period.

Ask an Expert

Not sure if your meat market is ready to implement a total quality control system like QC Cut Test™?

Don't worry, our experts have over 100-years of experience using cut tests in a retail environment, working with retailers of all sizes, and implementing data solutions for the meat industry.

Contact Meat Solutions, Inc., today to get started on the path to total Quality Control for your meat market. When you contact us, you will be talking to a real industry veteran who knows the challenges of running a meat market, and who will help guide you through the ease with which the QC Cut Test™ system can empower your company.