Benefits that Drive Bottom-Line Results

  • Easy to Use Interface
    Easy to Use Interface

    Improve the management of wholesale and retail cuts with easy-to-use applications designed for random-weight products.

  • All Cut Data in 1 Place
    All Cut Data in 1 Place

    Upgrade cut test functions and maintenance capabilities with state-of-the-art web-based technology.

  • Direct & Indirect Cost Measurement
    Direct & Indirect Cost Measurement

    Measure all the cost related to retail cuts and improve your entire operations profitability.

  • Up-To-Date Costs
    Up-To-Date Costs

    Significantly improve your pricing and procurement capabilities.

  • Market Planning
    Market Planning

    Plan your bottom-line in advance and take the worry out of not knowing.

  • Data Visualization
    Data Visualization

    Update scale data with easy-to-use cross-reference system and file export interface.

  • Timesaving Interface
    Timesaving Interface

    Save time, reduce input errors, and eliminate unneeded spreadsheets and files.

  • Industry Standards
    Industry Standards

    Analyze and compare suppliers and product cost based on bottom-line results and industry standards.

  • Accurate Margins
    Accurate Margins

    Improve the accuracy of all your retail cut data and financial information.

  • Empower Innovation
    Empower Innovation

    Empower innovation and your decision-making capabilities.

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