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What is a Cut Test?

A cut test, or a cut yield profitability test, is a tool that has been used for decades by effective meat marketing executives. A cut test measures retail cut yields over time as they are produced from primals and subprimals. The yields are measured and can be aggregated by supplier brand to give a comparison benchmark of how one cutting style or brand compares to an alternative. Once subprimal and retail-cut costs are applied to the yields, a marketer can start to see important statistics about their market. Data gained from implementing a cut test system includes gross margin performance, known shrink forecasting, purchasing cost estimates, sales projections, total profit, labor targets, and more.

Why the QC Cut Test was Developed:

The retail meat marketing executive has faced many economic challenges and changes in the marketplace, which have negatively impacted the sales and profits of their meat department. As a result, the retail meat department and the meat industry in general have been losing their market share of the consumers’ food dollar. Several factors contributing to this loss of market share have been:

  • The difficulty, cost, and time needed of the meat marketing executive to regularly capture accurate sales and marketing information
  • The inability to quantify true costs and profitability of random-weight, fresh meat products
  • A slow response by the meat industry to changes in the consumers’ buying profiles
  • A lack of an effective plan or method for the meat executive to track, measure, and profitably anticipate the impact of these consumer changes
The QC Cut Test was developed to give the meat marketing executive the tools and systems needed to effectively manage these economic challenges and changes in the marketplace, in real time. By achieving this, the QC Cut Test helps the meat marketing executive increase their department’s total sales and net profits. Increased sales, profits, and consumer satisfaction at the meat case will result in increased opportunities for the entire meat marketing industry.

Benefits of using the QC Cut Test:

QC Cut Test Form example

Pictured here: the QC cut test

  • Identify and develop true gross margin, profit, and markup percentage at the retail cut level
  • Identify and develop complete direct and indirect costs at the retail cut level (i.e., labor, marketing, shrink, overhead, advertising, transportation, and supplies)
  • Develop a competitive pricing plan to compete within the market and against meat alternatives
  • Develop more accurate sales budgets—enabling more effective analysis of purchasing and merchandising options, including the impact of ad specials on profits—by fine tuning the product mix
  • Forecast sales and profit budgets by fiscal period (week, month, quarter, etc.), enabling comparisons of actual sales and profits to budgeted plans
  • Produce timely financial and operating reports on sales, gross, net, tonnage, labor, product mix, etc., to make more accurate and actionable management decisions
  • Identify increased opportunities to meet the consumer’s need for convenience, customer service, product innovations, and value

The Alternative:

Your market may have a cut test program; you may have even used one that looked like the "typical cut test" in the past.
While there is no problem with using these sheets, haven't you ever wondered if there was a better way? With all the advancements in technology and communication in recent years, cut tests have not gotten much more sophisticated than:
  1. Print out a sheet of paper
  2. Have a meat cutter fill it out (and hopefully not get any "extras" on the paper)
  3. Go back to the computer and enter it into the sheet
  4. Try to open old sheets to do comparisons
  5. Hope all the formulas are present and correct
  6. Take time to try to draw your own conclusions and develop effective reports
  7. Repeat ad nauseum until the end of time
We believe there is a better way; that's why we developed the QC Cut Test. Let us save your company hours of valuable time every week and help bring your cut tests into the 21st century.

Serve your customers. Not these old, outdated sheets.

A boring old-fashioned spreadsheet

Pictured here: A "typical" cut test

Welcome to the future.

Contact Meat Solutions, Inc., today to get started on the path to total Quality Control for your meat market. When you contact us, you will be talking to a real industry veteran who knows the challenges of running a meat market, and who will help guide you through the ease with which the QC Cut Test system can empower your company.

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