Membership Advantages

QC Cut Test™ was developed to give meat, poultry, and fish marketers the technology needed to effectively manage all random-weight wholesale and consumer cuts.

  • Cutting Tests

  • Easy to Use Interfaces

  • Industry Standards

  • Data Visualization

    Three, simple-to-use, cut tests that provide powerful results for your business. Powerful reporting features enable a marketer to quickly and effectively illustrate financial impacts to their business.

  • Planning Application

  • All Cut Items

  • Up-to-date Costs

  • Accurate Margins

    Create weekly plans and include all your random-weight cuts and costs in one summarized report. See blended margins, true profitability, shrink loss, and labor needs.

  • Timesaving Interfaces

  • Direct and Indirect Costs

  • Secure Cloud-Based Storage

  • All Cut Data in One Place

    Direct and indirect cost factors to further help you manage the performance of your business. All your data saved and consolidated into one place. Tailored customer service from real experts who are available to help you achieve success.

Annual Membership Fee:

$495* /billed annually

(that's less than $45 per month!)

We accept payment options such as: Paypal, Direct Invoicing, or Credit Card taken by phone.
For security purposes we do not store any credit card information.

* Plus any applicable state taxes and fees

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