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Quality is the Expectation

QC Cut Test. Home of Meat Cutting Tests

Control is the Evolution


"Profitability is the only way to control your own investments."
-Borje Ekholm

Cut Tests

  • Established Cut Tests utilize tested industry benchmarks including expected retail cuts, cut yields, and cutting times
  • Custom Cut Tests allow a meat marketer to customize cut test factors to fit their business’s needs, and then benefit from the system’s forecasting feature
  • Special Cut Tests can be run as one-off or ad-hoc tests to see how a different merchandising technique will affect the bottom line
  • Relevant and ever-expanding reporting enables a meat marketer to quickly and effectively illustrate financial impacts to their business

"A large income is the best recipe for happiness I ever heard of."
-Jane Austen


  • Create custom recipes that include an analysis and conversion of any ingredient additions your market uses, from supplier specifications down to retail cut inclusions
  • Model the financial impact of all value-added items, from sausages, flavored burgers, and kabobs, to whatever your mind can think up
  • Use value-added recipe results to calculate a suggested retail pricing based on total recipe cost
  • Use recipe cost in forecasting to further increase your bottom-line understanding

"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail"
-Benjamin Franklin


  • A forecasting model that starts with what you sell, not what you purchase
  • Reports that help you visualize your performance week-over-week, year-overyear, and year-to-date
  • The means to easily include customized cut tests, recipes you create, and direct and/or indirect Item-Level costs that are relevant to your business

"Getting to profitability does not mean all our problems are solved"
-Julia Hartz


  • Retailer item standardization to help get your company on the track to following the URMIS meat labeling standards
  • Direct and indirect cost factors to further help you investigate the performance of your market
  • All your data saved and consolidated into one place
  • Tailored customer service from real experts who are available to help you achieve success

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